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Good Guys Remodel is a residential and commercial general contracting and construction management firm serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding cities. We are comprised of the area’s highest quality contractors that are dedicated to excellence of trade, committed to quality of craftsmanship and uphold client expectations in each and every project.

At Good Guys Remodel, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by simplifying the bid process. Big or small, we make the process easy on you and your budget. We developed a fresh and unique approach for helping clients find solutions that best achieve their remodeling goals through ourvast relationships with vetted contractors and established business management system.

Remodeling can be a complex and confusing event, filled with unknowns. Every client wants a combination of price and value, but more often than not they don’t know what to look for and look out for when hiring a contractor.

Biggest Obstacles in Remodeling

Finding Good Help-Social media has revolutionized the way companies market and promote themselves. The online marketplace provides many outlets for consumers to research and compare options when faced with a remodeling project; however GOOD help is still hard to find.

At Good Guys Remodel, we care about and take pride in the work we do. The end result is a direct reflection on me, the company and the network of contractors we support. I don’t expect anything more out of our skilled contractors than I do of myself.

Lack of Communication-Undertaking a remodeling project requires clear and constant communication between all parties involved. As project size increases, the number of communication paths among different people increases in complexity.

At Good Guys Remodel I make it a personal habit to give our clients MORE information than they typically need. Remember, information is FREE, but its priceless if you’re missing the bit you need.

Poor Scheduling– Let’s face it-remodeling can disrupt daily routines. And when your contractor doesn’t show up, or shows up late, or leaves for three hours to “find supplies”, it is unprofessional, discourteous and disruptive.

At Good Guys Remodel we understand and value the importance of following proper sequence of trades on a project so we work with our clients to coordinate a flexible schedule that meets client’s expectations.

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